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The Full Story


     Christa and I are second cousins but more then that we are best friends and Co-Owners of The Dearly Loved Company. We have always been family but we became friends in 2012, when God lead us to the same School in Northern CA and placed us right next to each other. We became close friends and neighbors instantly. We were Best Friends at first sight. That year was such an adventure for both of us. God did so much in both of us that year. We talked about starting our own business together then to help bring people....... But life took us in different directions and the summer of 2013, Hillary moved back to her home State in Michigan.

     On different sides of the country we both became Wives and Mothers and between the messes and the diapers dreaming of still walking out the dreams we had with God on starting a business. Never knowing that we would end up getting the chance to build it together. After 8 years from the day Hillary moved back home to MI, God brought Christas family to the great Mid west. Both of us literally shocked at what God was doing. We knew right away that God had something special for our two families. Had something special he wanted to do. 

     Christa and I both homeschool our kids. Throughout our homeschool journeys we have struggled to find products and resources to support discipleship for our kids. We found ourselves creating our own materials to use in our daily homeschooling, to help cultivate our children’s walks with the Lord. As we started gathering as families to pray and worship and encounter the Lord together, we have found that implementing a lot of the resources that we’ve created in our Faith-Based Devotionals and products into our families and extended community, has stirred hunger and helped fruit develop. We wanted to create products that are beautiful and modern but also have the biblical truths ,the spirit lead tools, power and ability to be activated and transforming for the entire family. We want to share these tools and resources with the world and to give access to what has so powerfully impacted our own families. 

In the Life of Hillary

Hey there, my name is Hillary Berry, I am a wife to Kevin Berry and a mama to four little ones. Before my husband and I had kids we knew we wanted to Homeschool our children. When the time came I felt excited and up for the challenge. Being a homeschool family definitely has its challenges but also so many blessings. So many little moments that make all those hard moments disappear. As I began my homeschool journey I started creating personalized learning products to use in our daily school time. It was fun for me to create new products that I just couldn't find anywhere or that didn't look the way I wanted them too. I've always loved to create. I've been drawing since I was a little girl. I would spend hours and fill up tons of notebooks with wedding dress designs and cut outs of all my favorite outfit pieces from my magazines. When I was 19, God told me to paint. I began painting and started diving into photography and graphic art. Pretty much anything I can create to express myself was life giving to me. It's a known thing in my family that anytime i create something knew I brainstorm how I can turn it into a business. I don't know why it seems God created me with entrepreneurship in my bones. It has always been a dream of mine to start a business selling resources and products that i care about and that mean something. Starting The Dearly Loved Company is truly a dream come true! I believe our products and resources are heavenly tools to help our families know God and know how to hear his voice. 

Hi there, my name is Christa Curtiss. I am the blessed wife of Jared Curtiss and mom of three awesome littles, Axton, Judah, and Bravelyn. 

My personal journey into knowing that I am dearly loved by God completely transformed my life. God pulled me out of a broken life and redeemed me with his love! I have had many words spoken over me by people, but the words my Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have spoken to me have carried the power to transform my life. I have gone from broken and selfish to a healthy whole and free child of God! Jared and I know that God has called and empowered us to disciple our kids and invite them into personal relationship with God. One of the major reasons we decided to homeschool was because we wanted to equip our kids spiritually and allow God to be at the center of their education. I found out early on that kids hear God really well and they also have extraordinary faith! 

When my searches for support materials came up empty, I started creating my own and asked God to teach me how to invite even the littlest of kids into communion with God. Now, we are so excited to get to release what has been so transformative in our homes to yours! The Dearly Loved Company is all about bringing revival into the home by creating interactive materials that help kids and adults engage with God through His word and through hearing His voice. 

My dream with God is that our homes would be where we experience God the most powerfully and engage with His heart and will. We were made for connection with God and I believe God truly wants to walk with us through all of our moments. His hearts is that we would abide with Him and have a deep knowing that we are dearly loved! 


In the Life of Christa

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