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The declaration starter pack is intended for personal use in the home. If you want to use the declaration pack for ministry purposes (ex. printing multiple copies for a small group or class) please purchase our ministry resource packet. 


What's Included? 

  • 14 Different Topical Declarations
  • Each Declaration Topic includes 10 Declarations 
  • Each Declaration Topic includes a Personalizable Declaration sheet for you to write your own! 



  1. Declarations Over Your Kids
  2. Declarations For Motherhood
  3. Declarations For Fatherhood
  4. Declarations For Living As The Dearly Loved
  5. Declarations For Kids
  6. Declarations For Revival In The Home
  7. Declarations For Overcoming Self-Criticism 
  8. Declarations For Parenting
  9. Declarations For Encountering Jesus
  10. Declarations For Encountering The Father
  11. Declarations For Encountering Holy Spirit
  12. Declarations For A Thriving Marriage
  13. Declarations For Abundant Joy
  14. Declartations For Peace


Print your declarations today and hang them where you will see and say them everyday! 


Printing Instructions:

  • Set your settings to Double Sided 
  • Set your settings to Fill Page

Declaration Starter Pack (All 14) Printable



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